About us

Who We Are?

Values project is an initiative to help stress on the values that make for a better and happier society. Ultimately, it seeks to secure a better future for the Nigerian child.

Our Mission

To Secure a better Nigeria for the future generation by building on the right values .

Why Values Project

Values project will work towards making the national flag a very significant symbol in our National life. The National flag should be a reflection of our identity and the things we value the most. green is very significant of life and Agriculture; White is symbolic of Peace, truth and Justice "Our flag shall be a symbol that truth and justice reign. .......... to hand on to our children a banner without stain.

- Enhance value leadership through informed followership
- Reach out to political/opinion leaders in every sphere through advocacy.
- Celebrate positive leadership impacts through awards.

- Encourage creativity and innovation amongst the youths through talent exhibitions and awards.
- Raise up young entrepreneurs through mentorship, and apprenticeship.
- Help to package and present youth for optimal Corporate resourcefulness.

- Citizenship Education (Peace & Unity, Mutual Respect, Integrity, Cooperate Respect )
- Motivate Credible individuals to take part in Leadership
- Network appropriately to enhance excellence in the Nation's schools practice

- Provide basic guidance and counseling to spinsters and bachelors on choosing a life partner
- Equip parents on the ideals of child training in the 21st century.
- Train children on good cultural values and esteem for education.

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Our Team

We have dedicated and passionate team who are excellent in their roles.